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How Angelina Became a Model

Believe in yourself and never give up!

She was growing up a taller (6 feet!) girl than everybody else. She decided to use her abilities and make the best of it. She started to do training in the long jump and the triple jump in track and field. After intensive training and hard work (rain, snow or shine) she became the 3-time champion of Russia. After some injuries she decided to leave the sport. Her mom told her to try modeling because of her height. Of course after professional sport her body was full of muscles and she looked heavy. The agency called her "fat" and rejected her. She didn’t give up and started to stretch 3 times a day to reduce her muscle volume as well as learning about nutrition  how to lose weight. She never wore high heels in her life and she was 16 years old, so her mom got her high heels and she began to take classes to learn how to walk on the runway. After hours of walking and practicing at home she finally got some confidence about herself. She was accepted by a modeling agency but still was called "fat.” She didn't give up and later from the bottom of the professional models group she started to grow and win regional Beauty Pageant competitions, as well as get to the final 9 of country. It increased her demand in modeling work but she never stopped learning new skills and again in her life she was constantly practicing. After she received her bachelor degree in Sport and Practitioner of Psychology she moved to New York. She has been a model at N.Y. Fashion Week, numerous Bridal Fashion Shows and worked with companies such as Piaget, Brook Brothers, Kleinfield, etc. She appeared in numerous movies such as Creed II, No Love in the Big City and in television on the Maury Povich Show, MTV with Gene Simmons as well as many others. She was a winner of Miss Diaspora Models International, Top Runway Model, Best Runway Model of Couture Fashion Week, Miss AMN Queen International and she was Vice Miss Russian Universe NY and much more.

No matter what kind of challenges she had, she believed in herself and thought “I could do it because I love what I do!”

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