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Where you should start to become a model?

These days the modeling industry has changed a lot and has more opportunity for work as a model. The agencies have more divisions but it's very important to understand which category is yours. Over time, you will become better versed in the different types of modeling. Any of these types could be a well paying job: if you are a larger or smaller sized model, have unique features, the girl next door or you are tall or short. 

Below is a general description of different types of modeling.

  • Editorial Model

Editorial models usually work for top fashion designers and high fashion magazines. Most editorial models are tall (5'9 - 6") and slim (size 0-2).

  • Runway Model

Runway models are often the same as editorial models but sizes slightly may vary.

  • Commercial Model

This modeling type is the most diverse and not restricted by age, height or size. Commercial models advertise a wide range of products in catalogs, campaigns and commercials.

  • Swimsuit & Lingerie Model

These models are usually more voluptuous and curvy.

  • Print Model

Print models appear in magazines, campaigns, booklets, flyers and posters. These models usually have clear skin and a nice smile.

  • Fitness Model

These models are most fit, toned and athletically built. They can be in catalogs or commercials that represent fitness routines.

  • Parts Model

Parts modeling specialize in modeling their hands, arms, feet and legs (mostly for jewelry, accessories, nail and shoe products).

  • Showroom Model

This presents clothes for a clothes retailer or designer's clientele in a private setting of their own store or showroom in a more informal atmosphere.

  • Fit Model

A fit model working behind the scenes to helps fashion houses get the sizing and fit right before the garment is sent off to be manufactured. The size and height depending on the designer.

  • Promotional Model

This type of model is often found at trade shows and other live events. They promote and help to sell a certain commodity.


  1. First, you need to figure out which category you fit and then make a research for the right modeling agency.

  2. Second, you need to take digital snapshots (no need to be a professional photo-shoot) and have measurements.

  3. Third, when you have a list of the agencies see the requirement for the New Faces if they have an open call or you can try to make an appointment in person or send them an email/mail with your digital snapshots and measurements.

Every agency has their types of models; it depends where your look can fit in. So be patient because sometimes it can take awhile or you will not hear from them at all.
Everyone experiences rejection; sometimes many times, but you have to keep going.

When you have a meeting with an agency, remember that the first impression is very important. They are looking for the "package" (not only your look, but also your manners, presentation of yourself, etc.) that's why Express Modeling Training was created. It will help you not only to increase your skills but also teach you how to make the right expression, believe in yourself and how to never give up!

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Express Modeling Training was created for kids (6 years and up), young models that are new to the industry or who wants upgrade their skills. During the training they will learn how to walk the runway, improve their posture, control facial expressions and how to pose in front of the camera. Also,they will learn about different photoshoot techniques (different poses for beauty, catalog, commercials, etc.).
They will be tutored on manners, skills and confidence that will help aspiring models to increase their chance for success. At the end they will have a professional photoshoot to conclude everything that they learned and receive images of themselves to start their portfolios.
Express Modeling Training will help your child not only in general modeling techniques but also how to be more patient, have a better attitude, how to believe in yourself more, self-discipline and other skills that will last a lifetime. The first step in the modeling industry is unknown and challenging, and Angelina will always be there for help, support and answer questions.

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